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About the Band

The band? The band morphs as needed for the show.  2013 was a kick-ass, take names, all woman band.  In 2014, a bunch of bad-ass boys,  For 2015 it got even better - Bert Dalton (keys), Milo Jaramillo (bass), John Bartlit (percussion and guitar), Cesar Bauvallet (trombone and percussion). In 2016 we added Dimi DiSanti on guitar - a hard-working, brilliant musician with a wicked sense of humor.....just like all the others!!

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Patty Stephens and Dianna Hughes share a love of music and laughter.  In2013their long time collaboration gave rise  to Bawdy and Soul  - a show of sensuality, nasty/double entendre lyrics and a whole lot of laughter!  2014 brought  Bawdy and Soul; Temptation and Trouble.   The  2015  show,  Steam,  was a steam-punk themed blast!!  2016  saw these lovely ladies moving to a new (and, perhaps, more appropriate) date - April Fool's Day - forFoolin' Around.  Come see what all the fuss is about!!

About Bawdy & Soul